Large Employers in Massachusetts

The Boston Globe reports:

The state’s bill for providing healthcare to employees and their families who work for large companies increased 24.6 percent to $793.7 million in the last fiscal year.

The law requires large employers to pay 33% of the costs of 25% of their employees or pay a fine of $295 per employee. Those who meet that threshold don’t pay anything for the 75% of workers not covered. These workers are able to get subsidized care from the state.

The three employers who contribute the most workers to state-subsidized coverage are: Wal-Mart (4,796 workers), Stop & Shop (4,731 workers), and — ta-dahh! — the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (3,785 workers).

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  1. Stephen C. says:

    Is the Commonwealth is fining itself for failing to insure its own workers?

  2. Bret says:

    This may be why so many large companies are climbing on board for health care reform. They are planning on dumping their problems on the taxpayer.