Obamacare’s Individual Mandate: J.R. Graham Testifies on Capitol Hill

On January 24, Senior Fellow John R. Graham testified in the effect of Obamacare’s individual mandate before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Ways & Means Committee Oversight Subcommittee. A three-minute highlight reel is posted below:

You can read his written testimony at this link and watch the entire testimony at this link.


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  1. Lee Benham says:

    Nothing about the 8.13% Affordability exemption.
    Nothing about the family glitch.
    Nothing about STM being eliminated as an ACA alternative for healthy people.
    Nothing about middle income families having kids forced into schip.

    I’m sure you did your best. To me it looked like a wasted opportunity to educate some politicians on some real talking points.

    • Perhaps you are not an experienced public speaker, but in 5 minutes of speaking, a speaker focuses on one item and goes at the same item from different angles. Not every single problem of Obamacare. Books have been written about that.

      • Ron Greiner says:

        John, I spent over $1 million dollars advertising the tax-free MSA in Iowa on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show with 60 second radio spots which are really 59 1/2 seconds.

        You have to choose your words carefully. 5 minutes is a HUGE amount of time to get your message out if you are prepared and have planned out your message.

        stuff like: save premium, eliminate taxes, build wealth

        Your argument about 5 minutes is a lame excuse.

        • This highlight reel is Q&A not oral testimony. But if you think a radio ad is the same as testifying to the House Ways & Means Committee, please go ahead and read your advertising copy when you are invited to testify.

  2. Lee Benham says:

    You are correct. I don’t have a lot of experience in public speaking. However I have had 1000’s of occasions to speak to individuals in face to face meetings. With that said any speaking engagement whether individually or public is about transference of perspective. Like I said before I think you probably did your best. However there is a huge difference in academic knowledge and real world practice. I have to transfer my perspective to a potential client quickly and concisely in order for the individual to decide to hire me as their agent. If I don’t, then I don’t earn a living.
    I feel in an hour and 46 minute hearing many more points could have been brought up even at only 5 minutes at a time. Especially with McDonough lobbing softball after softball of idiotic statements to rebuff.