Update on Capitol Hill

Nation’s Centers for Excellence condemn what Congress is doing. Group includes Mayo Clinic and Intermountain Healthcare.

Goodbye to ERISA. After a five year grace period all employer health insurance will have to be approved by federal bureaucrats.

“Money gets you in the door.” For $20K, you can have dinner with Sen. Max Baucus.

You will be limited to a managed care plan, even if you and your employer are paying all the premiums.

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  1. Greg says:

    The House bill, just to remind everyone, is the bill that the AMA endorsed. Nothing like screwing your own members. If nothing else, surely the docs who pay dues to this organization deserve to get a refund.

  2. Brian says:

    Well, oit really doesn’t matter anymore anyway. Republicans again have killed any hope of reform. Proving yet again that I was correct in saying that republicans do not want reform. The attitude of letting buisness reduce costs is just what the status quo is now. Costs have not been controlled and will not be controlled in the future. Why should they? No-one is going to stand up for American citizens and government silence and in-action can be bought. There will be no legislation of any effect because the system proposed by republicans is already in effect. The result will be more people un-insured, higher premiums and higher poverty levels nationwide.
    The writing was on the wall. Minimizing, fear-tactics, half-truths are all hallmarks of republican political action. What have we seen from republicans? Minimizing, fear-tactics, and half-truths……
    Again we have been sold out, again politicians ignore the will of the people and vote strict partyline at the expense of Americans.
    The only winners are the insurance companies who now can raise prices with impunity. Congratulations on destroying the lives and welfare of millions now and many more millions to come.
    Even if it is emotional, I have been proven right in my predictions about republicans and healthcare reform, therefore I will continue to fight against republican greed over American health and trust in the truth of real-life experience rather than opinion and fantasy.
    Of course republicans are “saying” they want reform but action speaks louder than words and their action proves their selling out.

  3. Ken says:

    Brian: Republicans, I am sorry to say, have had no impact whatsoever on health care reform. The Democratic pans are collapsing of their own wieght.

  4. Brian says:

    I am also disgusted with those democrats that allowed themserlves to be terrified into deserting the American Citizens. BUT the party of no has yet again struck only the victims are American Citizens.
    It would be refreshing to have legislators, both Republican and Democrat, that actually does the work rather than worry whether they will be voted in again. At some point in time, someone needs to do what is right rather than what is easy. Obviously we cannot trust Republicans to be mature and take their jobs seriously.
    Republicans have always shot down reform and now is no different. You are mistaken when you claim that Republicans have not affected healthcare reform. The have not only affected it, they have killed it. I hate it when I am right. I was the one that called it ovewr a month ago. Everyone saying that I didn’ty know what I was talking about or that I am too ewmotional, but beinng proven correct is all the vindication I need.

    AND BOY WAS I CORRECT! Unfortunatly.

    Now Insurance has free-reign and I bet that premiums go up at least twice this year alone. Congratulations!

  5. Jack says:

    What killed it is one government regulation after another. They’re going to “fix it” and bring us “affordable healthcare”. Call it what you want, Republican, Democrat it doesn’t matter anymore.

    Its better to let the system fail and build it from scratch which is probably what will happen. Soon we will have a healthcare bubble followed by a healthcare bailout.

  6. Joe S. says:

    The comment from Mayo and others is very telling.

  7. Devon Herrick says:

    President Obama and Members of Congress have repeatedly said… “if you like the insurance you have, then you can keep it.” However, if federal bureaucrats have veto power over self-insured employers’ ERISA plans, then most American with private coverage will not be able to keep what they have for long.

  8. Manish says:

    A government heltah insurance option would be no different than the no-namebrand product at your local store. Nothing fancy (no CEO’s!), but it will be cheaper or very low cost and you will get twice as much for the money you spend!The right wingers are against this because they care about the namebrand corporations and believe it’s fine to spend $20,000,000/year on the CEO’s and not paying claims so the company can impress Wall Street with it’s profits! See the difference? I do! Bush did not do a damn thing about heltah care in our country, BECAUSE HE WAS TOO BUSY SPENDING TRILLIONS OF AMERICAN TAXPAYER MONEY ON HIS FAKE WARS AND TAX CUTS FOR HIS BASE (the Haves and the Have Mores)!