Nurse Matters

When units were understaffed, patient mortality increased by 2 percent. On average, a patient stayed in the hospital for three shifts and when they were all understaffed, mortality rose by 6 percent.

And when nurses had to work harder because of high patient turnover on their unit, the mortality risk increased by 4 percent.

Full article on the importance of nurses.

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  1. Vicki says:

    I believe that nurses matter. Didn’t need this study.

  2. Devon Herrick says:

    It is easy to understand how nurses can make a difference. A hospital nurse is the medical staff who spends the most time with patients. They write observations, treatments and details in patient charts. Nurses often make doctors on aware of problems that physicians would never have the time or opportunity to witness.

  3. Joe S. says:

    Nurses matter more than I thought.

  4. Madeline says:

    Maybe nurses matter more than doctors.