Hospitals Dominate Health Jobs In November

BLSThe November Employment Situation Summary came in as expected, with 211,000 nonfarm civilian jobs added. Last month’s report was dominated by health jobs, which was not the case today. The increase of 24,000 health jobs comprised only 11 percent of the payroll hike, and both health and non-health jobs rose by 15 percent on the month (Table I).


However, hospital jobs, which increased 13,000, comprised over half the growth in health jobs. This is something we view with concern. We prefer to see health jobs grow in ambulatory settings, because hospitals are the most expensive location of care. Hopefully, technology will move more health services out of the hospitals.

Over the last twelve months, on the other hand, we still see disproportionately high health job growth as a share of total nonfarm civilian payroll growth (Table II). Further, hospital job growth only accounted for a little over one third of health jobs growth. Although that is a relatively good development, these job figures give no confidence that productivity is increasing, especially in light of last year’s jump in health spending.


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  1. Ron Greiner says:

    They better quit hiring in Iowa hospitals pronto. Iowa is having a Medical Meltdown. Where is Devon? He should report on the breaking news: GOP’s Medicaid Mess Turns Into A Scandal

    Iowa Governor Branstad is the longest serving Governor in American history and he got caught helping those blood suckers Blue Cross of Iowa steal Billions and Billions with their Medicaid fraud. Now 500,000 Iowans are up in the air about there coverage on 1/1/2016. That is a lot of people for itty-bitty little Iowa.

    Dr. Lee Hieb, past President of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and contributor at ran against Branstad for the Governor of Iowa in 2014. I reminded Dr. Hieb this morning that the VideoPR we put out on 1/1/2014 explained it all and told the story of the Monopoly of Blue Cross in Iowa. You can read all about it at:

    Or you can watch the VideoPR here: