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  1. Frank says:

    Was it necessary to report that fist bumps transmit less germs than handshakes…seems intuitive

    • Phill S says:

      But how about bumping elbows? That’s got to be even more hygienic, second only to my favorite…no greeting at all.

      • John R. Graham says:

        I tried to type my blog entries and comments with my elbows. It didn’t work out too well.

  2. Steve says:

    Interestingly enough, I was speaking with an ER nurse last week about heart attacks. She informed me that it is actually easier to revive older heart attack victims than younger ones because older patients tend to have some sort of stronger heart lining. This is caused by the heart having to work harder over the years. Younger patients with less of a history with heart problems have not built up what turns out to be a helpful natural defense mechanism.

  3. SPM says:

    Wow, smart contact lenses now! What an amazing innovation to fill unmet needs! Thank you government for coming up with such a great product.

    Oh wait, it was actually developed by the PRIVATE sector.

  4. Flyover Country American says:

    It is so refreshing to hear a good story about our country’s doctors. Instead of being the greedy people who profit off of sick people (or cutting off their feet as Barack Obama has said), they are extremely hard working individuals who truly have a heart for their patients. It is the bureaucratic nightmare that has made it tougher for doctors to spend as much time with their patients as they would like to though.

  5. Freedom Lover says:

    “Let’s face it, Google, Samsung, and whoever else can release as many as they want, but consumers’ heads won’t really turn until they hear one name attached to a smartwatch – Apple.”

    Very true, especially with the incredible health applications possible. What a great product, and a perfect example of suppliers providing a product that people want…exactly what ought to happen in a free market system.

  6. Freedom Lover says:

    “Although Morgan has worked on public education campaigns for organ donation in the U.S., she said she was surprised there weren’t more physician organ donors in Ontario.”

    What a surprise: the more generous people are Americans! Actually, this is not surprising at all when you consider that Americans donate to charities more than any other country on Earth.

    Take that, “compassionate” liberals.

  7. Paul says:

    We got to get more young people to focus more on their health…Guess it’s iWatch to the rescue!

  8. David M says:

    I’m wondering exactly who came up with the idea of testing the strength of handshake grips and its correlation with germ spreading. That is less intuitive than the comparison with fist bumping, and more relevant potentially.

    • John R. Graham says:

      My father and grand-father always told me to give a firm handshake. I didn’t know they were turning me into a vector of contagion!

      Although, I’ve never worked in a hospital, so I suppose everyone I’ve met has survived my handshake.