Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

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  1. Trent says:

    Just saw a piece on MERS on Fox, 20 seconds was dedicated to it. Following that piece 5 minutes were dedicated to Beyonce and Jay Z. *Facepalm*

  2. Jerry says:

    The MERS case really highlights the need for more TSA screening of those coming into the country!

  3. Diana Kent says:

    The first article really demonstrates the inefficiency of the federal government with regards to health care policy.

    • AGZ says:

      Only 4 hospitals?! That’s insane considering there are hundreds and thousands out there that “MUST” abide by the law.

    • Lucas says:

      They are horrible. Yet they keep spending billions believing they are right

      • Trent says:

        They just want to keep trying until they can say the did it!

        • John R. Graham says:

          Remember: About $22 billion federal has already been spend on electronic health records, and there are about $8 billion more budgeted!