Does Canada Really Have Universal Coverage?

A Fraser Institute study concludes that Canada is no closer to universal coverage than the United States is.  Among the findings:

  • Canadian government data show an estimated 1.7 million Canadians (aged 12 and older) were unable to access a regular family physician in 2007.
  • The actual number of "effectively" uninsured Americans is less than half of the figure usually reported and being uninsured is usually only a temporary condition.
  • Based on these figures, the study estimates that the percentage of the population that was "effectively" uninsured for non-emergency, necessary medical services at any given time during 2007 was not significantly different between the two countries: 7.9 percent in the United States compared to 6 percent in Canada.

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  1. Jim P. says:

    This should be required reading for all the physicians who have sold out and joined the Physicians for a National Health Plan, or whatever it is called.

  2. Greg says:


    I have a better idea. Make the Fraser report required reading for all Canadians.