Time and Money in Canada

A Canadian woman with ovarian cancer faced treatment delays in Canada.  So she crossed the border and had life-saving surgery in Michigan, just in the nick of time.  On return, she faced a six-week wait for chemotherapy.  So she went back to the U.S. for chemo as well.  The Canadian government won’t pay the bills.  The reason:  the woman didn’t fill out the right forms in a timely manner.

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  1. I. Ray Kirk, MD says:

    You’ve probably seen this video clip but it is certainly very compelling and I wish every American could see this to make them think more seriously before jumping on the socialized healthcare bandwagon.

    The video can be viewed here:

    I. Ray Kirk,
    Neuroradiologist in Houston

  2. Rob Rutledge says:

    Reviewed the video in comment #1. For a similar situation in the US where the individual did not have health insurance and could not afford a $28K bill, what happens then? hmmmm…

    This video is HIGHLY biased and has a clear political agenda. Let’s have a balanced discussion rather than fear based propaganda.

    Same for the original post. How many Americans die regularly because they do not have access to basic health care? Remember, 40 MILLIONS Americans have no health insurance or are under-insured. There could be a long list of similar stories based on the US system with US consumer stories.

    Stop the propoganda. Let’s have a reasonable discourse.