Thinking Happy Thoughts, and Other Links

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  1. Devon Herrick says:

    I was surprised that the ingredient in many foods that imparts a thick, creamy mouth-feel is wood pulp. I have also eaten hemp shakes that taste very creamy, but sometimes leave a fiber residue in your mouth.

  2. Ian Kodanik says:

    The problem with night owls is the snack advertising. That’s why they eat more calories.

  3. P.L. Sonis says:

    I long ago discovered a great mood elevator–peanut butter. True that; try it!

  4. Seamus Muldoon MD says:

    “Exercise, coffee drinking, blowing your nose and having sex”
    Well, heck, that doesn’t leave me anything to do on Saturday mornings any more!!

  5. Virginia says:

    I’m a little disappointed about the night owl story. I think they didn’t separate out the night-shift night owls and the honest-to-goodness night owls. I bet the night shifters eat fatty foods, and the real night owls probably don’t. But, I’m a little biased about being a night owl.