Pinocchio’s for Axelrod

This is David Axelrod on ABC’s This Week, talking about the $700 billion ObamaCare takes from Medicare to pay for health insurance for non-seniors:

Let’s talk about the $700 billion. Congressman Ryan, what he doesn’t say is that he’s incorporated that same $700 billion into his plan, so he’s embraced exactly what the president’s done. The difference is the president is trying to strengthen the Medicare program. Under the changes that the president made, seniors are getting more prescription coverage and preventive care. We extended the life of Medicare by eight years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Ah, but Ryan would apply the $700 billion to deficit reduction, removing future pressure to make even more Medicare cuts. President Obama, on the other hand, would spend every penny. How do you help Medicare by robbing Peter to pay Paul? You don’t. Here is Chris Jacobs:

The non-partisan CBO said that the Medicare reductions in ObamaCare “will not enhance the ability of the government to pay for future Medicare benefits” — because those savings will be used to fund other unsustainable entitlements. If the President wants to use the Medicare savings provisions to extend the life of the Medicare trust fund — and not to fund the new entitlements created by the law — the Congressional Budget Office previously estimated what the fiscal impact would be: “A net increase infederal deficits of $260 billion” through 2019.

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  1. Lloyd says:

    Another way of looking at it: the Obama Administration wants to rob the next generation’s wealth to pay for all of these programs over the next decade or so.

  2. Buster says:

    Maybe it was always the case, but it seems lately that politicians (and those campaigning for them) think nothing of announcing talking points based on half-truths knowing that most of the masses will never see past the headline. It’s like the Obama political action committee ad featuring the guy that said Romney killed his wife by (Bain Capital) closing the plant where he worked. Romney had stopped managing the company seven years earlier; the plant was closed five or six years before his wife died; and his wife had her own employee health plan before leaving her job. This information had to be known by those funding the ad. But they also knew most people would never bother to find out Romney hadn’t killed his wife.

  3. For Liberty says:

    The Ryan plan isn’t good enough. All entitlements need to be abolished.

  4. Corey says:

    So Obama is cutting Medicare’s funding but expanding its coverage? I’m glad the CBO called him on it.

  5. Mike Ainslie says:

    I think this is the master plan of obfuscation and confusion aimed at the Medicare group that the 700 billion is in or out depending upon how it’s counted or double counted. Ryan will spend it on tax breaks for the rich, Obama on the uninsured; either way it gone from Medicare. Another scare the elderly to get reelected. It is so confusing the Debbie Wasserman-Schulz was so confused that she sounded reasonable yesterday.

  6. Eric says:

    Buster, it’s just like the Romney campaign demagoguing about Obama eliminating the work requirement for welfare, even though that was clearly not the case.

    Another way to look at it: Ryan wants to take money from Medicare to pay for his tax cuts (which will likely increase the deficit given that there aren’t enough loopholes to remove), while Obama is using reductions to provide necessary medical care for seniors. It’s a difference in priorities here.

  7. Eric says:

    And now of course the Romney campaign is claiming it won’t make the Medicare cuts at all. Massive tax cuts, increased military spending, and now this. Hmmm, so much for deficit reduction, no amount of loophole removals or cuts to discretionary spending could make this kind of program deficit-neutral..

  8. Jon says:

    It does not phase anyone in government to steal money (Social Securit funds) that is not theirs to move where they want. Another Obama redistribution ploy.
    Unbelievable the Liars and Thieves from the President down.