Opinions in 35 Swing Congressional Districts

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  1. Ken says:

    Let’s hope this is accurate. It means a lot of deserving representatvies are going to be retired.

  2. MELODY says:


  3. artk says:

    It’s a long time between now and November, and the american public has a famously short and inaccurate memory. The outrage machine needs to constantly feed on current events. Once health care is either passed or defeated, it will move on. Keep in mind, once the jobs numbers start to pick up, which is forecast to happen this month, the public’s view of the administration will quickly improve.

  4. Ken says:

    artk’s view is what I hear all the time on cable news from the pols and the media pundits. But on health care all the conventional wisdom has been wrong. And the inside the Beltway crowd has been surprised again an again.

    I think this time is different. People really do understand this issue. They understand the health bill better than members of Congress understand it. The subject is personal and important to them. And I don’t think they are going to forget whtat’s happening now in November.

  5. John Dunbar says:

    Democraps want the IRS at my front door to force me to buy a politician’s policy? I deem that illegal.

  6. artk says:

    John sez “Democraps want the IRS at my front door” They won’t be at your front door, it will be dealt with like every other irs issue, they send you a letter. I wish it’s was a politician’s policy, at least you’d be a voter with some influence, it’s a private insurance company policy and if you think the government is arbitrary, you obviously don’t have much exposure to large corporations.

  7. George Vreeland Hill says:

    Health Care Reform is about to be a reality.
    America has wanted a better health care system for decades and it is a Barack Obama signature away from happening.
    For years, the Democrats wanted this or some form of it.
    The Republicans always said no.
    The GOP never had an answer of its own on how to fix the health care system.
    They wanted the greed and self interest of a corrupt system to stay the same.
    Why not?
    Their pockets were lined with health care money.
    We the people changed that and said no more!
    Now, tomorrow is looking better than today.
    This fight is over and has been won by all those who said … “Yes We Can!”
    Now it is time to continue on to some of the other issues that the GOP does not want us to fix.
    The Republicans had their day and years of corruption.
    We are moving forward.
    The GOP can’t stop us.

    George Vreeland Hill