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  1. Heinz says:

    I am not surprised about the first news.. They are always in a discussion which never comes out a solution…

  2. Quintus says:

    Science can change our life. But a new technique always challenge the vested interests.

  3. Wally says:

    Federal government has seven different definitions of “health information technology“.

    When someone asks me about health information technology how will I know what to answer??

  4. Wally says:

    “With $1 million seed round, Lift Labs launches spoon for people with Parkinson’s”

    Absolutely phenomenal. It’s stuff like this that keeps society moving forward.

    • Lucas says:

      Michael J Fox’s foundation also does amazing work with research. He has even made it back to acting.

  5. Trent says:

    In clinical studies, the spoon reduced tremor by about 70 percent, the company said. While it doesn’t entirely cancel out a tremor, these testimonial videos show that it makes quite a difference.

    With enough time, it will cancel out everything much like chickens heads and the new stabilizing cameras.

  6. Lucas says:

    “$175 million worth of worker output lost during first two days of college hoops’ “March Madness“.”


    • Trent says:

      The billions brought in from the tournament though will surely counteract what is loss through work.