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  1. SPM says:

    So I take it that I don’t need to clean my cat’s litter box as often as I have been?

  2. Mr. Freedom says:

    John Graham’s blog does a great job of summarizing the effects of Obamacare: lower economic growth characterized by greater government influence and less consumer spending. And while that past quarter saw a 2.9 percent decrease in GDP, we are almost guaranteed to see a much “improved” economic growth number for the next quarter simply because of the way the government appears willing to shift health care spending to appear as though its rising more recently.

    • Matthew says:

      I wish this fact of ObamaCare would be more widespread, because this is the direct cause of ACA. More government influence, less consumer spending and the idea of health care being a societal good.

  3. Freedom Lover says:

    “Thus girls are more likely than boys to be born into marriages that were already strained.”

    This is interesting, but what exactly happens to male babies in the womb of a wife who is constantly arguing with her husband. Do they simply die before birth more often than girls? Or do they just never develop to begin with?

  4. Walter says:

    Actually I know a kind of cat poop can be made for coffee, which is very costly…

    • Ben says:

      I don’t think the fourth news makes any sense. There is no causality between with and without a girl in family…

      • Devon Herrick says:

        The old theory is that fathers are more likely to stay in a shaky marriage if they have a son because fathers (supposedly) favor their male offspring. But if they have daughters, they are more likely to bail. One problem with this theory is that wives file the divorce papers about 70% of the time. This new theory posits that female fetuses (being more hardy than male fetuses) are more likely to survive under marginal conditions. These marginal conditions correlate with marriage breakups.

  5. Bill B. says:

    “You look good on paper! Company will Photoshop your graduation pics to make you look slimmer.”

    Hey, anyway to hide that freshman 15 that I never lost is fine with me!