Hits & Misses – 2008/12/12

A champagne cork can travel at 50 mph.  Americans suffer 1,500 cork-related eye injuries every year.Champagne Bottle  

Placebos work best for alcoholism, allergies, depression and migraines. For depression, a placebo was just as effective as an antidepressant. Migraine attacks are cut in half for one in five patients. 

Almost one in eight kids gets an alternative therapy. It’s everything from acupuncture to echina tablets.

Brain scans can predict MS. But should patients be told?

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  1. Vicki says:

    On the MS scans, of course patients should be told. Who is the doctor to decide what information we should or shouldn’t have?

  2. Larry C. says:

    When you stop to think about it, it’s amazing that champagne corks aren’t regulated.

  3. Bruce. says:

    Silence yourself, Larry. You’re just giving them ideas.