Doctor Bashing

Obama to the Doctors: You are the problem.

New York Times: You are the whole problem.

Steve Pearlstein in the Washington Post: You are nothing but the problem.

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  1. Ken says:

    Oviously it’s not a good time for doctors.

  2. Bruce says:

    So why is the AMA so anxious to get cozy with the very “reformers” who want to do them in?

  3. Juan O. says:

    At the rate things are going, doctors will soon be nothing more than federal employees.

    Then, instead of demonizing doctors, liberals will want to subsidize them.

  4. Bret says:

    Here is a very funny Obama video:

  5. Rick Coker says:

    Physicians are very concerned about making changes that are positive and not many that I know are averse to the idea. Hell, just like the American consumer knew that Detroit was making crap for 30 years, both the doctors and patients have known something is wrong with our healthcare paradigm. A population that is overfed, overmedicated, underdiagnosed and often overtreated, that is a recipe for disaster, even before you throw the lawyers in there.

  6. Bart says:

    I watched as much of Obama’s speech today as I could stand, but became restless after the statement to the effect that anyone who doesn’t agree with his proposal is either a liar or ignorant.

  7. John R. Graham says:

    There is no doubt that many doctors practice inappropriately, but medicine is practiced in an environment of very imperfect knowledge. If the government gave our health-care dollars back to us, each of us would figure out how to pay our doctors. Today, doctors earn only 15% of their income from medical practice from patients directly: 85% is from third parties. Is there any other professional who earns a living this way: lawyers, architects, engineers, economists, …..? These occupations are too cognitively complex for anyone other than the patient (or client) to decide how to pay the professional.

  8. Brian says:

    I watched the entire speech of Obama to the AMA. There was not one instance of doctor bashing at all. In fact Obama supported and prasied doctors and acknowledged the feact that the doctors hands are tied by the present system. Obama also pointed out the insane cost of malpractice insurance which I agree with. It is time to stop taking things out of context and drawing your own conclusions which in turn are put out into the world as truth. The truth is that Obama did NOT bash doctors in his speech. The truth is that the only bashing going on is the bashing that America is taking from the pharma/insurance rackets.

  9. Power2thepeople says:

    Oh, because Obama didn’t bash doctors during his AMA speech to doctors, he is “in their corner?” You must be a member, because the AMA bought his lies hook, line and sinker. He has no problem demonizing doctors that will according to him, look at reimbursement first to decide a procedure. I know no doctor who does that. Further, at least now if I even suspected that I have the freedom to travel to another state if I need to to get a second opinion and even get surgery. If Obama is so conerned about malpractice, what has he proposed to do about it? That’s right, nothing. It will take more than lipservice to fix malpractice. Speaking of insurance “rackets” have you seen the rates for malpractice insurers? Doctors want to help people, period. If you feel your doctor is “in it for the money” then go to a different one while you still can.