What Does an HMO Emergency Room Look Like?

In the editorial, the ER docs — who are from several large institutions — also warn that increased pressures on emergency physicians to save money could raise the probability of missed diagnoses, and boost medical-liability risks. ER physicians, who often make the decisions to admit patients to the hospital, will also face challenges given that hospitals are under pressure to limit admissions and readmissions, the editorialists contend.

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  1. Jan Borger says:

    Marketing and management efforts to increase quantity almost always result in decreased quality and spawn a myriad of inefficiencies. But no one in health care really wants to understand economics and human behavior.

  2. Buster says:

    What Does an HMO Emergency Room Look Like?

    I don’t know but I suspect it looks like a gymnasium full of people sitting around with nowhere to go!

  3. Brian says:

    Dreadful. Years from now, we may see a few stories about people dying in the emergency room.

  4. Beth Haynes says:

    Both links take me to the Annals article.