Wall Street Has Given $5.3 Million to Senate Democrats This Election Year

As for the bill the Senate is now debating, it is tough alright—just not on the guys who’ve been handing over all this money. On the No. 1 issue—whether it protects taxpayers from again being held to ransom by a failing bank system—the legislation remains a giveaway. The financial giants particularly like a provision that allows the FDIC to backstop any failing bank (or parent, or affiliate) by guaranteeing their corporate debt, with congressional approval.

Full article on Democratic campaign tithes.

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  1. Bruce says:

    They give money to the people who publicly bash them, then they give more, then they get bashed some more. What a circus.

  2. Stephen C. says:

    John, think of it as protection money.

  3. Tom H. says:

    Why don’t we just call it extortion.

  4. Joe S. says:

    How about calling it “theft”?

  5. rod says:

    this is bull and should not be allowed..this is all the american people that has been stolen from them and should be returned..this stupid goverment is way out of control and its time we take it over and clean out the pigs and all the bugs..