Surveys: Everybody Likes HSAs

Two HSA industry-sponsored surveys indicate:

  • 84% of account holders say their HSA-qualified plans are affordable.
  • 72% of account holders say they pay the same or less than a traditional type of health plan.
  • After moving to an HSA, more than half of account holders say they more closely monitor their healthcare costs, while 48% read their medical bills more closely than when they did not have an HSA, 46% have a better understanding of where their money goes, and 40% more closely evaluate costs before electing medical services.
  • 81% of account holders said the ability to personally control healthcare costs is an important factor that caused them to select an HSA.
  • Of the employers offering HSAs for more than three years, 86% indicated that plan costs were the same or less than the previous year.
  • 96% of employers claimed that HSAs allow the company to continue offering group-sponsored health insurance.

Comments (5)

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  1. Joe S. says:

    I think this is consistent with previous findings.

  2. Ken says:

    Everybody likes HSAs except Congress, which is about to curtail their use and availability.

  3. Devon Herrick says:

    Liberals believe health care bears no resemblance to a normal market. Moreover, they hate HSAs because they believe reaching for your wallet (or HSA card) is not an appropriate activity when visiting a physician or hospital. Liberals also want the unused HSA funds available for use on other people – including people with less income or higher health needs. If they were honest, they would admit they really believe the public health community should control your health care dollars rather than patients themselves.

  4. Brian W. says:

    The only reason you would like HSAs is if you like to control your own health care spending decisions.

    If you want someone else to make your health care decisions, you’ll LOVE what Congress is about to do to the health care system.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I prefer to take care of my own health care decisions. I resent the government getting involved in my business. I worked all my life to get the insurance which I have now, & I have NOT been unhappy with the kind of health insurance that I have. I do NOT want to be told by the government what to do!! Of course, if that happens, that only opens the door up for more control. I can only assume that’s what the government is heading towards.