Solar Sailing is Coming: But With No Human Passengers

A big enough sail, say a mile on a side, could reach speeds of hundreds of thousands of miles an hour, fast enough to traverse the solar system in 5 years. Riding the beam from a powerful laser, a sail could even make the journey to another star system in 100 years, that is to say, a human lifespan.

Full story in The New York Times.


Image credit: Planetary Society

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  1. Bret says:

    One hundred years is impractical. Like the pevious post suggested, the world is going to be inherited by robots. Biological life is ill suited for space travel.

  2. Larry C. says:

    John, I think I am beginning to understand why you have had so many posts about robots at this blog. Although I don’t remember your ever mentioning it, robots don’t need health care!

    Once the superior life form takes over, the health care system can be dispensed with alogether. Why spend a lot of money on an inferior life form? Brilliant thinking.

    The robots are goin to need maintenance, however.
    But a smart bot may be able to maintain himself.