Seven ObamaCare Taxes That Are Hiking Health-Insurance Premiums This Year

Ahealth-care-costsmerican Action Forum’s Robert Book analyzes how seven ObamaCare taxes contribute to higher health-insurance premiums in 2014. The┬áresults?

  • ObamaCare exchange premiums are $354 higher,
  • Fully insured employer-based premiums are $196 higher, and
  • Self-insured employer-based premiums are $94 higher.

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  1. Eisenhower says:

    The data is national-based or just focuses on one industry?

  2. Nick says:

    Tax is everywhere..I do not see any improvement of infrastructure after paying such a high tax..

  3. Bart I. says:

    Not included are implicit taxes, such as the community rating tax on people with less-than-average risk, and the related narrow age band tax on young people.

    I’m not opposed to all community rating, but excess premiums above the risk-accurate cost must be compensated well enough to make participation voluntary. And risk-accurate alternatives must be decriminalized. Otherwise the excess premium is essentially an excise tax.