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“Obama is living in a parallel Vulcan universe if he thinks he and his strategists can spend the next two months using campaign appearances, advertising, robocalls and other voter communication to demonize Republicans on Social Security, and then turn around in January and try to make a deal on that same issue.”

— Mark Halperin, writing in TIME

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  1. Bruce says:


  2. Ken says:

    The one thing I always liked about Obama was his willingness to take on entitlement reform, despite criticism from Paul Krugman and the New York Times and despite huge resistence from the Democrats on Capitol Hill.

    But Halperin is correct. Right now Obama is blowing it.

  3. Vicki says:

    Why go to all the trouble of forming a debt commission if you are going to go out and completly undermine it by demagoging the issue in the middle of an election?

  4. Kevin Morrill says:

    Social Security needs to be wound down. It’s a ponzi scheme that’s bankrupting our country.

  5. KevinK says:

    Kevin Morrill, so pray tell, explain how SS is a
    “Ponzi Scheme”? What Ponzi Scheme under the worst case scenario pays out roughly 75% of projected benefits in basically perpetuity. To equate SS to a Ponzi Scheme is a flat out lie, do us all a favor Kevin Morrill and stop lying.