PPI: Health Insurance Jumps, Deflation Returns

BLSDeflation returned to the Producer Price Index (PPI) last month, as the PPI for final demand dropped 0.2 percent from January. Prices for final demand goods, less volatile food and energy, increased 0.1 percent. Most prices for health goods for final demand were flat. The exception – again – was pharmaceutical preparations, for which prices increased 1.2 percent.

With respect to final demand services, for which inflation was flat (or up 0.3 percent less trade, transportation, and warehousing), the increase in the price of health insurance stands out at 0.9 percent. This is the first jump in health insurance for a while. (Home health prices also increased 1 percent, but such increases have been common.)

With respect to goods for intermediate demand, prices for chemicals (which go into pharmaceutical preparations) decreased, but not by nearly as much as prices for other intermediate goods declined. With respect to services for intermediate demand, prices for health insurance increased by 0.9 percent, significantly more than prices for other intermediate services.

Looking back over the 12-month period, the price increase of 10.1 percent in pharmaceutical preparations continues to stand out like a sore thumb. However prices for services delivered in residential settings have also increased more than other services.

What is new for February is the increase in health insurance. Increasing health costs are finally being passed on through premiums. (See Table I below the fold.)

20160315 TI


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  1. Perry says:

    Hey, what happened to “your premiums will go down by $2500 per year”?