ObamaCare is Killing Jobs

When CKE’s health care advisers, citing Obamacare’s complexities, opacities and uncertainties, said it would add between $7.3 million and $35.1 million to the company’s $12 million health care costs in 2010, [Carl] Puzder said: I need a number I can plan with. They guessed $18 million — twice what CKE spent last year building new restaurants. Obamacare means fewer restaurants. And therefore fewer jobs… Rising health care costs are, he says, just one uncertainty inhibiting expansion. Others are government policies raising fuel costs, which infect everything from air conditioning to the cost (including deliveries) of supplies, and the threat that the National Labor Relations Board will use regulations to impose something like “card check” in place of secret-ballot unionization elections.

Full op-ed by George Will here. 

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  1. Brian Williams. says:

    Obamacare isn’t only killing jobs, it will eventually cause health care costs to increase so much that we won’t be able to afford to buy anything else. As I’ve heard John Goodman say many times, if we don’t change the path we’re on, health care will crowd out all other spending.

  2. Brian says:

    That paints a dark picture for the future. States will be asked to pick up the slack where federal government spending is lacking since the federal government will be primarily obligated to the new Obamacare entitlements.
    When states can’t afford to spend any more, communities will be asked to spend more.