Medical Tourism Reversing Course

In January, the U.S. supermarket chain Hannaford Bros. Co. began offering its employees hip and knee replacements at a hospital in Singapore.  Such "medical tourism" is attractive because it offers an upfront price, a package price and a low price.  A hip replacement, for example, costs $9,000 in Singapore compared with $43,000 in the United States.

Less well known is reverse medical tourism, where U.S. hospitals offer upfront, package prices to foreigners who come to this country for medical care.  Hospitals who compete in this market often offer foreigners prices and packages they will not offer to American patients!

Now, however, a new phenomenon is emerging: medical tourism within U.S. borders.  Turns out, you too can have price transparency – if you're willing to travel.

For example, soon after Hannaford, which is headquartered in Scarborough, Maine, negotiated its deal in Singapore, several U.S. hospitals offered to match the Singapore prices.  Currently, the company has a contract with a Boston hospital for hip, knee and spine surgery, according to a Victoria Knight article in the Wall Street Journal

Moreover, a new company, Healthplace America, has been formed to facilitate within-country medical tourism.  It offers price and quality transparency for a network of 15 hospitals.  Savings are typically 30% to 50% off of what patients and their insurer/employer would otherwise pay.

Note: all this is happening without any HHS coaxing, cajoling, prodding, pleading, moaning, groaning or begging.  Just markets at work.

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  1. Joe S. says:

    So hospitals are able to do what they have always told us that they cannot do — give patients a package price.

    I appears all that is needed is a little competition.

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  3. Bob Riebe says:

    Mr Goodman,
    My research into medical tourism thus far has only highlighted hospitals with no attention or thought given to the small sole practionter who, as in this case, happens to be a Dentist. Any ideas how to go about attracting potential dental patients without an advertising budget or staff that could compete with hospitals for business?

  4. […] interesting example of a local company that secured a deal overseas; quoted from John Goodman’s NCPA blog: “The U.S. supermarket chain Hannaford Bros. Co. began offering its employees hip and knee […]

  5. Sally McCollum says:

    After the hospital matches the Singapore price for that one group, do they jack up their prices for everyone else to make up for it? That would seem par for the course.

  6. bali says:

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  7. Narumol says:

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  8. I wonder if these hospitals are still offering medical tourism within the USA in light of the new health care bill that offers affordable medical care to all US citizens. The new bill does not cover dental treatments, only dental health awareness, therefore dental tourism to places like Mexico, Thailand etc should continue to increase. For more information on dental tourism in Asia, see the Smile Planners Dental Holidays Blog at

  9. Wajiha says:

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  10. B Silver says:

    I would like to know where you got the 30-50% savings statistic for intrabound medical tourism. Thank you.

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