McKinsey: Only 14% of Enrollees Were Previously Uninsured

Of the ObamaCare sign-ups, only 27 percent had been previously uninsured in 2013. And of the 27 percent, nearly half had yet to pay a premium. (By contrast, among the 73 percent who had been previously insured, 86 percent had paid.)

Put all those percentages together, and you get two key stats. Only 19 percent of those who have paid a premium were previously uninsured. Among those that the administration is touting as sign-ups, only 14 percent are previously uninsured enrollees: approximately 472,000 people as of February 1.

Survey. HT: Avik Roy.

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  1. Lucas M says:

    Of course it is hard to predict what will happen with enrollment, every month there is a new delay, a modification to the law, or some new announcement that changes how Obamacare works. The enrollment will only stabilize when all the mandates are being enforced and the first penalties are handled. I predict that this will happen after the elections, when the democrats have secured their seats in congress.

  2. Buster says:

    So much for upending the entire health care system to cover a handful of people who probably weren’t that worried about coverage (unless they got sick).

  3. Mariana F says:

    It is clear, those who are uninsured are because they are risk-lovers and don’t believe in having an insurance plan. I know several people who prefer taking the risk of falling sick and have a large expense in consequence, than to pay a fixed amount of money every month even if they are healthy.

  4. Andres A says:

    The fact that 46 percent of those who haven’t enrolled haven’t even shopped for one shows the people’s apathy for insurance. The administration sold us the idea that we needed a change, that there were millions of uninsured that lived in that condition because the evil corporations wouldn’t allowed them to get coverage. We were told that justice was finally coming to the healthcare industry and that finally everyone would be covered with insurance. But, reality was different from what was portrayed. The majority of those uninsured simply didn’t want insurance and those who had insurance didn’t want to change their plans. Now the administration is employing all of its effort to skew the data, to make it look like the reform was successful to portray that they were acting to benefit the vast majority of people. People are not enrolling because they weren’t interested in the first place; they are not enrolling because the reform didn’t suit their needs. People are not enrolling because they don’t trust what Obama is doing and a dislike the uncertainty that the future brings.

  5. Gerrard P says:

    It seems that reality is different from what Washington is telling us. We spent billions of dollars in a reform that is benefiting a counted few. This is a failed policy that will harm the nation in the long run.

  6. Frank Y says:

    This is the kind of data that the media should focus on. It is hard not to believe when the facts are being presented to you as clear as they were presented in this report. It is easier to show how this program failed when there are numbers to support them. But I insist the problem in this country is that the media is biased, and when the information is biased is hard to have a political opinion that is not based on misinformation.

  7. Jam says:

    So it is very apparent that the ACA does not benefit these uninsured.