How Much Does ObamaCare Really Cost?

The original 10-year cost estimate of $940 billion made in 2010 covered 2010-2019. Hence, the public was told health reform would cost less than $1 trillion. But the law is not fully implemented until 2018. So the actual ongoing 10-year cost will be more fully disclosed with each passing year, until full implementation is reached in 2018. In 2012, the CBO cost was updated to be $1.8 trillion. By 2013, the cost will be about $2 trillion. By 2018, the full implementation 10-year costs will be closer to $2.5 trillion.

Source: Ron Bachman for the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

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  1. Alex says:


  2. Otis says:

    They probably knew from the beginning that the one trillion mark was too low.

  3. Tony says:

    There’s no way we can afford Obamacare in the long run.

  4. Devon Herrick says:

    Stephen Parente’ originally calculated some estimates that put preliminary costs of the PPACA at several times the CBO estimates. We’ve always said that the number of people who will seek subsidized care in the exchange will be far more than what CBO estimated. I believe American Action Forum estimated something like 38 million, twice as many as the Obama Administration CBO. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that states can opt out of Medicaid expansion (and enroll people with incomes 100% to 138% of poverty in the exchange), this actual figure could approach, say, 50 million. Since the people who will be most apt to enroll in the exchange are those who will get the biggest subsidy, I would come closer to betting on Dr. Parente’s figures that the CBO figures.

  5. Elliot says:

    My thoughts on the encroaching communist menace that is Nobamacare: