How Climate and Violence Are Linked, and Other Links

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  1. Dewaine says:

    “Does global warming cause violence?”

    That would seem to be true, although you could say the same for global cooling. The facts are that the climate is cyclical and may even have natural processes that look like aberrations, we just don’t know enough to make a judgment. The fact that accurate climate data only goes back about 150 years should give us pause before doing anything drastic.

    • JD says:

      Right. If the earth is naturally heating and global warming causes violence, wouldn’t we have a duty to stop the natural process of the earth?

      These people don’t care about violence, they just want “climate action”.

  2. JD says:

    “iPhone can do an EKG; let diabetics monitor their glucose as they eat.”

    They want to force us into a system for dinosaurs, but look what technology can do. We need a flexible health care system that adapts as we do.

    • Omega says:

      Does this mean the NSA has my health records from even more sources, now? Come on. There must be privacy issues here.

      • Amy says:

        No KIDDING, Omega. Is this on doc’s personal phones? I don’t get the utility of doing this on an iPhone rather than the intended device?

        I guess people would buy more iPhones but I don’t want my EKG on a doc’s iPhone right next to pictures of their lunch and their cats.

      • JD says:

        That’s true, but, of course, the problem is the NSA, not the cool iPhone EKG.

  3. JD says:

    “Beer brands associated with the most ER visits: Budweiser, Steel Reserve, Colt 45, Bud Ice and Bud Light.”

    Party beers? Makes sense.

  4. Dewaine says:

    “Can music determine how safely you drive?”

    No, but it is a good indicator of your personality type.

  5. Jenn says:

    EKGs? Infinitely cooler than a thumbprint scan.

    • JD says:

      I don’t know… infinitely? Infinity is a lot. Thumbprint scans may be the wet dream of 80’s spy flicks, but they are still pretty cool.

      • Jenn says:

        I guess I’m less likely to forget my thumbprint than my password, so you may be onto something…

        • Studebaker says:

          My health club uses a phone number login followed by a finger scan. You’d think they were depository of gold bars rather than a gym to deter non-paying customers.

  6. Buster says:

    Does global warming cause violence?

    There’s a body of research on the association of heat and violence. Basically, in the summer when it’s hot, people without air conditioning are less likely to stay inside. To cool themselves, they drink beer. They may even go to a bar. It stays light longer so young men tend to say out later. The accumulation of heat, alcohol, dehydration and being out of the house increases the likelihood of conflict. It has nothing to do with global warming.

    • Dewaine says:

      I think their point is that global warming would cause higher temperatures that would create the conditions for more of those things.

      I think that studies like this are silly and don’t add anything to the discussion.

  7. Studebaker says:

    Can music determine how safely you drive?

    Yeah, this study should be in the running for an Ig Nobel prize.

    I suspect people who listen to Led Zeppelin drive faster — and more recklessly — than people who listen to classical music like Edvard Grieg’s – Morgenstimmung.

    Furthermore, I suspect I drive faster when I’m listening to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water or Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries than when I’m listening to the aforementioned Morning Song by Grieg.