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  1. Thomas says:

    “Surgery Center of Oklahoma, which posts prices online, saved county health plan $570,000 in five months.”

    It’s amazing the savings that can be had with transparent prices. Hopefully other healthcare facilities will take note.

    • Phill S says:

      Exactly! Every other market has transparent pricing. How many people go to the store and buy products without posted prices? And how about having the prices at the register vary dramatically from cashier to cashier?

      No other market operates like this. Why does the healthcare market?

  2. Thomas says:

    “Health-Law Patients Boost Hospital Profits”

    I wonder where the profits are coming from. Medicaid reimbursements couldn’t be significant enough. However, ObamaCare is driving more people to the ERs, perhaps there is some correlation between a boost in profits and surges in ERs.

    • John R. Graham says:

      We at this blog have argued that ERs are often a profit center. There is little doubt that hospitals are not doing as bad as they assert out of Obamaacare.

      • Freedom Lover says:

        No they sure aren’t. Obamacare has distorted the market to the point where more and more people are going to the ER when they ought to be have services provided by their primary care physicians or, better yet, the retail chain providers such as MinuteClinic.

  3. Matthew says:

    “Ear, nose and throat residents reduced direct patient care after electronic health records were introduced.”

    EHRs are taking away time for docs to treat their patients and giving them more paper (or computer) work to do. No wonder the government is providing financial incentives for medical facilities to switch over.

  4. Buddy says:

    “Well, you’re in D.C. What was happening nine months ago?”

    Talk about an unintended consequence from the government shutdown.

    • Perry says:

      Well, when you’re not working you have to do something…

      • Steve says:

        Quite true Perry. However, interestingly enough, nearly 10,000,000 people have left the labor force since Barack Obama became president. Shouldn’t we be having a second baby boom generation being born right now?

        • Perry says:

          Yikes a second Baby Boom. Better fix that Social Security and Medicare!

          • John R. Graham says:

            And remember these are federal babies, dependents on federal workers. Look for costs in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan to spike!