Fat is Good

A new Dutch study finds that even though obese people die earlier than their thinner, fitter cohorts, their lifetime health costs are lower ($371k vs. $417k).  The healthy folks eventually die of something – cancer, Alzheimer's, etc. – and run up higher lifetime medical bills.

News of this study caused me to miss not a single step in my otherwise untroubled life.  But all those nosy Parker paternalists who want to pry into every aspect of our lives and order everybody around must be unnerved.  Fat taxes are out.  Fat subsidies are in. 

[Psst.  Don't tell a soul.  Researchers got the same results for smoking (only $326k).]

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  1. Joel Hay says:

    To state the obvious, the purpose of health care is not (simply) to save money on health care. If it were, a one-drug formulary (cyanide) would be the most cost-effective.

  2. I am always amazed at those who evangelize that spending money on “preventive” health care will help patients and save money.

    The data on that claim is sketchy and is pure propaganda designed to subvert the use of health care funds for actual medical care!

    My wife and I were theorizing that in our brave new health care world envisioned by those who know “better than everyone else” we will be told what to eat and not to eat. We will be monitored and food ration cards handed out to ensure that red meat is consumed only on a very special holiday…IF we have been very good citizens.

    Thanks for exposing this nonsense for what it is. Of course those who are not obese cost the health care system more over time….they live longer! DUH!

  3. ss says:

    I agree but the question is what do these people pay into the system before they die? On average there should be some profit, ideally for both groups seperately.