Emergency Rooms Post Wait Times for All Area Hospitals

His smashed finger wrapped in bandages, Len Balon walked into an emergency room and eyed the flat-screen monitor broadcasting live wait times for Scottsdale Healthcare’s area hospitals. Osborn Hospital, where he was standing: two hours and 55 minutes. Thompson Peak hospital, a short distance away: four minutes.

Full story on posting ER waiting times.

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  1. Ken says:

    Great idea but where is the incentive for the hospital? You don’t see McDonald’s advertising wait times at Burger King do you?

  2. Neil H. says:

    Ken may be wrong. If I know that only one hospital posts wait times, I’ll go to that emergency room first.

  3. Larry C. says:

    Why couldn’t somebody do this on line and charge a small fee, so that people would know the average waiting times prior to going to any emergency room.

  4. Joe S. says:

    Larry, the Internet service would still have to get the info from the hospitals. What incentive would the hospitals have to cooperate? It’s in the hospital’s self interest to have a lot of people waiting so that its revenue generating resources are always fully utilized.

  5. Brian Simpson says:

    They were advertising wait times at other locations owned by the same company. That would be like McDonalds saying you could have a shorter wait at the chains other store a few blocks away.

  6. E Trzaskowski says:

    Scottsdale Healthcare does post ER wait times on their website. It is updated every few minutes.

  7. Christina Jeffrey says:

    Rationing means waiting – as we look ahead, it is surprising how sanquine so many people are about the future we are facing – specially the baby boomers. Read my take if you will:

    Christina Jeffrey (congressional candidate, SC-4)