Doctors Behaving Badly

According to one estimate, 3 to 4 percent of physicians are abusive or disruptive when dealing with subordinates.  About two-thirds of health care workers surveyed believe there is a link between disruptive behavior and medical errors. Nearly one-in-five reported knowing of a mistake that occurred because of an obnoxious doctor.

When subordinates are afraid to share their concerns with a physician about a patient's care, medical errors can occur that might not have happened in a more collaborative atmosphere.

Four-in-ten hospital staffers report having been so intimidated by a doctor that they did not speak up about a medication order that appeared to be incorrect.

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  1. Larry C. says:

    The same thing happens in the public schools. Amazing what transpires when there is no market.

  2. Drew says:

    Larry, it’s not just the schools. In all socialist systems people can be rude and obnoxious to their subordinates and to their customers without fear of bad consequences.

    It’s time people realize that our health care system has much more in common with a socialist sytem than it does with a market economy

  3. Chris says:

    Making a big deal about 3-4%?

    Is there a profession on earth where 3 or 4% of the people who practice it aren’t verbally abusive?

    What percentage of the population channels Oscar the Grouch on a whole?

    Yes, Watson, Doctors are actual real people too.