But Is It a Communist Plot?

This is from a Melinda Beck article in the Wall Street Journal:

Fluoridation [was] on the ballot [yesterday] in 41 such communities in Nebraska, as well as one in New York state, one in Maine and two in Wisconsin — and the battles echo 60 years of controversy.

Overall, drinking fluoridated water cuts the rate of tooth decay 18% to 40%….The ADA estimates that every $1 spent on community fluoridation saves $38 in dental bills.

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  1. Brian Jackson says:

    I think you need to read up on fluoride. it never did work and was certainly never tested or proved safe. There has been the same decline in tooth decay in both fluoridated and non fluoridated areas across Europe and America. The facts are all available to those who can be bothered to look at them. But of course if you have a financial interest in promoting fluoride, then nonesense sucha s you wrote is to be expected. Dental flurosis is an unpleasant and disfiguring disesse which usualy means that the individual has alaready ingested too much of this toxic waste product. If it can do that to tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the body, its little wonder that it also causes endocrine disruption, weight gain, diabetes, kidney disorders, brittle bones and bone cancer and in many cases, lowered intelligence in young people. If you want a nation of sedated dorks then give them fluoride. Better still give them tooth brushes, and toothpaste and access to affordable dental surgeons rather than profiteering private dentists who make extra money out of treating the tooth problems that this much causes. The truth is out their for those who can be bothered. Communist plot my ass.

  2. Joe S says:


    Get a life.

  3. Robert Kroboth says:

    Anyone, who chooses, can use fluoride toothpaste and go to a dentist to receive fluoride treatments and a prescription for fluoride drops. They are allowed to make conscientious decisions regarding themselves and their children. When fluoride treatment of public water supplies is mandated, advocates are saying that they know what is best for all of us and that the rest of us should not be allowed to make conscientious decisions regarding ourselves and our children. The first rule of medicine is “do no harm”. There is an abundance of evidence that fluoridation is harmful. The corporations that benefit financially from fluoridation are the big contributors to unscrupulous, incompetent politicians and health boards in order to force fluoridation upon us.

    For more information, click Fluoridation

    Pollution has invaded every place on earth. Air and water currents have spread toxic industrial, agricultural and chemical wastes to every point on the earth.

    For more information, click Water

    American Weevil (Euhrychiopsis lecontei) and their larvae feed on Eurasian water milfoil. Holes drilled by adult weevils allow bacteria and funguses to infect the water milfoil stems and air to escape from them. Eventually, the once buoyant stems collapse like spent balloons into the mud.

    For more information, click Beneficial Parasites and Predators

  4. Eslam says:

    Since when is it considered iteglliennt to take a medicine, and not appropriate a specific dosage, but insert it in the water supply, where individual consumption and individual reaction can be so varied and can’t be tracked (this isn’t an argument to start tracking people either)? Makes sense Ahmed. Just because Type II diabetes is a growing epidemic doesn’t mean the government should start genetically engineering shots of insulin into each slice of bread sold. Whether or not someone needs fluorine is highly individualistic, and should be left up to the individual to make sure he or she gets the right amount each day.Robert recently posted..