Commonwealth study: time spent interacting with third-party payers per physician per year: doctor: 3 weeks; nurses: 23 weeks; clerical staff: 44 weeks.

PWC/AHA study: for each hour of patient care, there is 30 minutes of paperwork. In the emergency room, the ratio is one to one.

Commonwealth study: the cost of interacting with health insurance plans is $68,274 per physician per year.

PWC/AHA study: Medicare and Medicaid have 130,000 pages of rules and instructions. That's three times the size of the IRS code and federal tax regulations.



Soldiers and bullfighters
understand one another
Their pleasure lies in combat

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  1. Ken says:

    Sounds just like Canada. In fact, it’s probably worse than Canada.

  2. Vicki says:

    Nice song pairing, John. However, the matador usually wins. The doctor usually loses.

    Comparing the bureaucracy to a charging, completely unempathetic, totally unreasoning, just-escaped-from-the-china-shop bull? Right on the mark!

  3. Juan O. says:

    The word BUREAUCRACY stems from the word “bureau” which means desk, and the Greek word “kratos” which means power or rule.

    I can’t think of a word more descriptive of how we’ve designed our health care system.

  4. Ron Greiner says:

    You can’t trust anything the Commonwealth Fund reports. For example:

    //Findings from the 2007 EBRI/Commonwealth Fund Consumerism in Health Survey shows that HSAs have had no impact on the number of uninsured, but they have increased market segmentation by attracting wealthier and healthier people.//

    By Federal law we had to report if HSAs had insurance when they enrolled. 43% of HSAs had no previous insurance. The Commonwealth Fund will lie if it fits their agenda.

    Their agenda is Socialism. All part of the Democrat Socialist Party (DSP).

  5. Devon Herrick says:

    “[T]he cost of interacting with health insurance plans is $68,274 per physician per year.”

    When a customer attempts to charge a cartload of groceries to their credit card, Walmart doesn’t care where the customer works and what their credit rating is. Walmart only cares whether the credit card is valid and if the charge will go through. The process for billing VISA is not unlike the process for billing American Express or Discover Card.

    America’s Health Insurance Plans is trying to extend this model to health care. AHIP has a pilot project in Utah that is experimenting with a VISA-type platform with standardized billing, where the billing process is the same regardless of health plan. This will eliminate much of the overhead associated with physicians’ business office clerks having to acquire detailed knowledgeable of the billing procedures for every area insurer.