In Britain Health Care Is a Right; If You’re a Foreigner, That Is

British FlagUntil recently, hospitals in the British National Health Service told patients that if they paid privately for effective cancer drugs their NHS care would be withdrawn. Yet those same institutions have been quietly selling donated organs to foreigners. Patients from Greece, Cyprus, Libya, the UAR, Israel, and China have received transplants at NHS hospitals. Jumping the queue for a liver transplant costs about £75,000.  [link]

The proceeds are split between the transplant surgeon and the hospital trust. The hospitals doing the transplants say that European law requires that non-UK EU patients have as much right to UK livers as British citizens. [link] Other reports say that while European law gives patients the right to seek treatment in other member states, it is up to individual NHS hospital trusts to decide whether they will offer a transplant.

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  1. Hank says:

    Great post. The mantra of the left is “health care is a right.” I love it every time you expose the fact that in socialist health care systems, nobody has any rights.

  2. Bret says:

    Canada and Britain have something in common. In both countries, foreigners have more rights than locals –at least de facto.