Are Clinical Trials a Waste of Time and Money?

In this era of personalized medicine, as diseases are increasingly defined by specific genetic and biologic markers and treatments are tailored accordingly, patient populations for new therapies grow smaller and smaller. Coupled with skyrocketing costs and expanding regulatory requirements, the completion of trials that are essential in bringing new and effective therapies to patients is no easy task.

Full article on clinical trials.

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  1. Devon Herrick says:

    I do not necessarily think clinical trials are a waste of money. However, drug researchers should have more flexibility to bring drugs to market. Collaborative trials may have advantages.

  2. Brian Williams. says:

    Let the free market decide whether clinical trials are a waste of money.

  3. Joe Barnett says:

    Collaborative trials may be a less costly alternative to traditional clinical trials, but as the article notes: “Antitrust and patent issues associated with such collaborative trials will require negotiation and possibly new legislation, as well [as new FDA regulations].”

    This would be an opportune time to repeal the Sherman Antitrust Act anyway.

  4. Lizabeth says:

    Hey, no worries here. Once the U.S. again hamstrings itself in yet another R&D field of leading global expertise, China will move in, fill the void, sell us the products and turn enormous profits. Oh, yes…and control the supplies.