American Medical Association Backs Telemedicine Compact

Laptop and StethoscopeOur blog usually does not cheer the American Medical Association, because it is largely responsible for the Soviet-style centrally fixed prices that prevail in Medicare. Well, today we applaud the AMA for pledging its support to an important initiative that will increase the adoption of telehealth.

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) has developed an interstate compact to allow physicians licensed in one state to provide telemedicine services in other states which join the compact. It will greatly advance the effective adoption of telehealth nationwide. Yes, I am aware that the pure libertarian view is that licensing should be abolished and certification by private organizations govern the recognition of professions. Unfortunately, that is not on the radar screen. An interstate compact allowing physicians to practice telehealth across state lines is a very positive step that will pre-empt federal interference in professional licensing.

The next steps would appear to be a Congressional resolution giving the FSMB’s proposed compact the thumbs up, and states resolving to join the compact.

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  1. Jake Sanders says:

    A positive step indeed!

  2. Frank says:

    What exactly does telehealth entail?

    • John R. Graham says:

      Thank you. It is not a regulated term. It includes a lot of goods and services. There is an American Telemedicine Association, which represents vendors of telemedicine.