Wrong Headline, Wrong Lesson

Gator Aid: In return for his vote for the Senate health reform bill, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) got 800,000 Florida seniors exempted from the nationwide cuts in Medicare Advantage plans that the bill uses to fund health insurance subsidies for young people. “He’s proud he’s able to protect Florida’s seniors,” said a press secretary. “Senior Health Benefits Preserved,” headlined The Miami Herald’s coverage.

WRONG. All Nelson had to do to protect Sunshine State seniors — along with seniors in every other state — was note “no” on the Christmas Eve cloture motion. That would have stopped the bill in its tracks. In voting “yes” he didn’t protect Florida seniors. He voted to take away benefits from up to 8 million seniors in every other state.

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  1. Devon Herrick says:

    All the special deals being made to buy the votes of the holdouts suggest proponents know there will be many losers from the legislation. Otherwise, proponents wouldn’t have to buy votes with special deals.

    At the very least, the notion of rewarding some states and screwing others to pass legislation that controls one-sixth of the economy is unconscionable.

  2. rod56 says:

    they all should be replaced…they are thoughless to the american people..IMPEACH THEM ALL…KILL THE DEATHBILL ITS NO GOOD FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE..

  3. Ken says:

    Very good point. Bill Nelson did not save Florida seniors. He screwed seniors every where else in America.

  4. John R. Graham says:

    Here’s an interesting notion: If Medicare Advantage provides superior benefits to traditional Medicare (and it undoubtedly does), then the “Florida Flim Flam” will increase the immigration of seniors from other states into Florida. However, Florida is also Ground Zero for Medicare fraud. One reasonably presumes that the fraudsters are able to operate more successfully in regions where Medicare beneficiaries are a larger share of the population. So, Sen. Nelson (FL) may be responsible for a forthcoming increase in Medicare fraud!

  5. Larry C. says:

    I notice that Ben Nelson is getting hammered in Nebraska. Let’s hope that Bill Nelson gets the same treatment in Florida.