Wireless Medicine Means Better Quality, and Other Links

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  1. Dewaine says:

    “In other words, findings, no matter how vague, are still good when Willett is involved in the study”

    Corrupt behavior to push an agenda. Researchers are just as flawed as the rest of us, we all should view “scientific conclusion” with a healthy amount of scrutiny.

  2. J says:

    “How to keep the NSA from listening to you phone calls”

    The Constitution.

  3. Tom says:

    @ Obesity link:
    “Science is complex, and Willett’s message to his fellow scientists appears to be that the public can’t be trusted with this complexity (except, as noted, when it might be something that he thinks is worthy of research); the question, which the public might ask in turn, is whether Willett can be trusted with complexity given his apparent intolerance for it in other scientists?”

    Well, while Willett’s pretentious contention to the study is not the best approach, I do agree with him on a very fundamental premise. We can’t deduct policies from statistical sciences that deal with health. Let’s please leave this up to biological scientists that prove their findings based on empirical observation via the lab, not via a statistical software computation on their computer screens.

    • Tom says:

      Moreover, if we allow this to happen more openly, unfortunately it does confuse medical practitioners and the public and can cause serious public myths about nutrition and health.

  4. Howard says:

    At least Rand Paul is bringing some attention to the issue.

  5. Bubba says:

    iPhone medicine: it’s cheaper, faster and maybe better.

    This is just incredible! If only these types of innovations could be used to circumvent the ever-rising prices of health care rather than just add to them.

  6. August says:

    Rand Paul pointed out some pretty humorous codes. There are 9 codes for injuries from a macaw. And 2 from a turtle.

  7. JO JO says:

    “iPhone medicine: it’s cheaper, faster and maybe better.”

    – Wow! What an informative video. I had no idea technology could do all those things, and offer immediate access.