Update on “The Envy of the World”

This is from an Associated Press story:

  • In Britain, cancer researchers announced that as many as 15,000 people over age 75 were dying prematurely from cancer every year.
  • When the breast cancer drug Herceptin was proven to be effective in 1998, it was available almost immediately in the U.S. But it took another four years for the U.K. to start buying it for British breast cancer patients.
  • Last week, Prime Minister Gordon Brown promised that patients unable to see cancer experts within two weeks would get cash to pay for private care. Brown had previously argued against paying for private providers and some say the reversal may be a gimmick to boost his sagging popularity.

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  1. Ken says:

    All this is coming soon to a health plan near you.

  2. Joe S. says:

    Sad but true, Ken.

  3. Brian says:

    I would be interested if the numbers for America’s un-needed deaths were also tabulated.
    Case in point:
    My Mother in Law just passed from Brain Cancer. She was 84. Two years prior, she had found “spiculated cancer” in her lungs. She refused to take the Chemo as is her perrogative. When she late last year found brain cancer, she was dropped by her insurance for a pre-existing condition. Not that she had Brain cancer but she had cancer and that was enough. The insurance would not pay for her end-term care not her hospitalization which ran into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. After further questioning and struggle, the company told us point blank that because she did NOT enter care the first time the insurance company termed her cancer a pre-existing condition and they were not required to pay even though she had payed her premiums on time and for over 20 years! The legal term for pre-existing coinditions is a year but to bad for her! AND ITS LEGAL!!!

    Try to convinvce me that the system isa fine and costs are controlled as is…. PLEASE TRY
    Because you cannot defend the indefensible.
    MORE people die thinking their covergare adequate. MORE people die having their lives and life destroyed and yet conservatives want to continue this raping of America!!!

    America’s healthcare system may be advanced but it is certainly FAR from the envy of the world.

    OH and BTW Ken said this is coming soon? I say it is here right now!

  4. Brian says:


    My Mother-in Law actually saved the insurance company money and for that she was punished at the cost of her death and the liquidation of her entire life to pay the greed of insurance beaurucrats. There is only one difference from organized crime running a protection/extortion scheme and the insurance arena and that is the license to rob America and the better of the two are probably the mafia, at least they do protect you for the money you pay rather than leaving you in the dust with broken dreams.