The Individual Mandate Switch-Off, and Other Links

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  1. Devon Herrick says:

    Rather than characterize it as “Republicans once believed in an individual mandate,” maybe it’s more accurate to say that Republicans believed in personal responsibility (at least in theory). An individual mandate is a way to discourage the free-rider problem when uninsured patients cannot be turned away from a hospital emergency room; even if they care they seek is non-urgent. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act attempts to use the individual mandate as a way to create large cross subsidies.

  2. Erik says:

    It is going to become apperant that “Obamacare” was built upon the 1993 Republican proposal written in opposition to “Hillarycare” in the coming days.

    You see, all Republicans really do is demonize the messanger but do not truly support ANY solutions.

    The Rebulicans were in total power for the most part of GWB’s “reign of errors” yet nothing was accomplished on behalf their own health care reform bill when they admit it needs fixing. Now they are against it?

  3. Ken says:

    Erik. What a strange view of the world you have. There have been many comprehensive Republican plans thru the years. Nixon had one. Bush 41 had one. At the time of Hillary Care, there was a Dole proposal –endorsed by more than 40 Republican senators and more progressive than Hillary’s. And McCain’s proposal was more progressive that anything proposed by Democrats.

    You seem to have a problem with party labels. I would encourage you to think in terms of ideas instead.

  4. steve says:

    “Nixon had one. Bush 41 had one.”

    Most GOP plans have come in response to Dem plans. I cannot remember a time when the GOP spent significant political capital on trying to pass health reform. OTOH, they were willing to pass out money on the floor of Congress to pass Medicare Part D. I also find it worrisome that after all the time spent on HCR last year, they still do not have an alternate plan in the wings, nor do I see any plans in the works for modifications.


  5. John Goodman says:

    Steve, where were you during the 2008 election? John McCain had the most radical, and the most progressive, health plan ever advanced by a serious presidential candidate. The Capitol Hill version is the Coburn/Ryan bill.

    To refresh your memory, the Obmama campaign spent more money attacking the McCain health plan than has ever been spent promoting or attacking any major policy proposal in the history of the republic.

    The 2008 election was not about Obama’s health plan. it was about McCain’s health plan.

    If you don’t live in a battle ground state you may not have seen all those TV commercials, so you can be forgiven for not knowing what the election was all about.

  6. Larry C. says:

    Good comment by John Goodman. How quickly everyone forgets.

  7. steve says:

    John- Again, when has the GOP ever spent significant political capital on health care when they could? Of course they occasionally have plans, when they need one to counter a Dem plan. I was not a big fan of McCain;s plan, which he barely understood if you listened to him. I preferred Wyden-Bennett. Please note that there is no replacement plan available right now, and HCR as an issue is not exactly a surprise.

    FTR, if the ACA is repealed, I want a GOp replacement plan as soon as possible. I doubt that the ones I have seen proposed will work, but I have been wrong before. If we at least try, and they fail, we can remedy the situation sooner. If they work, even better. However, I will be shocked if there is any attempt, meaning spending real political capital and risking losing an election, on the part of the GOP.