Small Business Rates ObamaCare

This is from a letter the NFIB sent to Harry Reid:

A new small business tax: The Senate bill includes a new $6.7 billion annual tax ($60.7 billion over 10 years) that falls almost exclusively on small business.

An ineffective subsidy: As structured, the small business tax credit will do little, if nothing, to propel either more firms to take-up coverage or produce greater overall affordability.

Increased costs: NFIB has voiced concern over establishing a benefit threshold that is too high a price tag for small businesses to meet.

Lost jobs: The multiple penalties assessed on full-time workers will most certainly result in a reduction of full-time workers to part-time workers and discourage the hiring of those entrants into the workforce who might qualify for a government subsidy.

Overcharging the young and healthy: Coverage [will be] unaffordable for the very populations that are most beneficial to the insurance pool – the young and the healthy.

Dramatically higher paperwork costs: Small business [will be] buried in paperwork and increasing their paperwork compliance expenses.

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  1. rod56 says:

    see all the stuff coming out now..all their secrets that they been hiding…all what obama wanted just for himself…

  2. John Goodman says:

    Unlike the other associations, small business has been reasonably well represented. These are very good points. They need further dissemination, because Senate Democrats are on TV every day telling the world how good all this is going to be for small firms.

  3. Joe S. says:

    Glad to see th NFIB stepping up to the plate.