Obama Health Plan Becoming a Moving Target

Senator Obama’s critics have accused him of flip-flopping on such issues as campaign finance, wire-tapping, gun control, faith-based initiatives and the terms of withdrawal from Iraq.  The Obama health plan is also in danger of becoming a work in progress.  One week he eyes the Wyden-Bennett bill in the Senate favorably.  The next week he praises Massachusetts’s new health care plan.  (Note: both have the very kind of mandates he found so objectionable in Hillary Clinton’s health plan.)

More recently, he has endorsed federal subsidies for half of the premiums paid by small employers.  Yet the amount of money he would dedicate to this effort ($6 billion a year) is too meager to overcome the dissolution of the employer-based system his plan would cause.

I have modified my general analysis of the plan to reflect this most recent evolution.

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  1. Devon Herrick says:

    Obama is more of a moving target than you think. See New York Times front page story this morning.

  2. Ed Harper says:

    The Commonwealth Fund strikes again! (WSJ Blog here)