Novel Way to Increase Organs for Transplants

Some states are trying to solve the shortage of donor organs by requiring the legal owners of the aforementioned organs to “opt out” if they don’t want to give away thousands of dollars worth of organs for free at time of death.

I have a much better way. How about paying the decedents’ family for the donations. Allow people to opt to have their organs harvested at time of death and the funds go into their estate. If people knew they were burying, say, $10,000 worth of organs they would be much more likely to contract for their sale when they no longer needed them.

Federal law currently does not allow for the compensation of organ donors – except for blood plasma. This needs to change. There is an entrenched organ donation and resale industry who does not want to allow compensation. These purveyors of donated organs do not like the idea because their cost to acquire organs could potentially go up, while the price for the products they sell would go down.

The laws of supply and demand actually work. If you want more organs, just compensate people for them rather than appealing to their generous nature. I’ve wanted to write a report on this for years but have never found the time.

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  1. Z Woof says:

    Billionaire Warren Buffett is a big Obamacare supporter. I contacted Yvonne Gabriel the HR manager of McLane & Company in Orlando, a Warren Buffett company today. I asked Yvonne, “If an employee got too sick to work could they keep the company health insurance?” Yvonne refused to answer. She did say she wasn’t licensed. Don’t you find that odd?

    I contacted Rupert Murdoch’s (Another billionaire) regional HR director Iris Sierra at FOX 13 in Tampa and asked her, “If an employee got too sick to work could they keep the health insurance?” Iris said, “I don’t know.” She as well is not licensed.

    I contacted the Green Family PR lady, they are Oklahoma billionaires that own Hobby Lobby, and asked her, “The Green family is hiring Florida women and if one got ovarian cancer and couldn’t work, could they keep the health insurance?” She said, “I don’t know.”

    Simply, every billionaire in the United States is selling insurance to their own employees that they lose if they get too sick to work and in a fashion reminiscent of [Jack the Ripper] they dump their liabilities onto the backs of the American taxpayer with Obamacare’s magic Special Enrollment Period (SEP) and ABRACADABRA their liabilities disappear and they laugh all the way to the bank screaming, “More Obamacare, more Obamacare!”

    In the future when the history is written on Obamacare it will go down as the biggest scam in history. Bernie Maddoff’s little $65 billion dollar scam is nothing compared to the trillions of dollars scammed by Obamacare.

    What is sad is we can’t trust the newspapers, TV Networks, talk radio or the non-profit think tanks to tell us the truth. Propaganda is much worse today in America than it was in NAZI Germany in 1938.

    The American taxpayers are a bunch of schnitzels.

    • Paul Nelson says:

      I suspect that if you asked the same HR people whether or not their health insurance was self-funded, probably 50% would give you the same answer: no/or/”I don’t know.” Some thing about the leadership character of HR governance.

      • Z Woof says:

        Paul, I know the employee will lose the health insurance and so do you. That is the reason we need Obamacare because everybody is on health insurance that they lose if their boss fires them.

        We destroyed the Individual Market to protect employer-sponsored insurance.

        We are still doing it today with weak Republican plans to replace Obamacare.

        It still remains that billionaires are selling insurance to employees that they lose if they get too sick to work and then taxpayers are SCAMMED into paying to transfer the liability onto the self-employed and those with individual insurance. The self-employed need a class action lawsuit.

  2. Don Levit says:

    Great idea
    Also provide those willing to donate organs first dibs on acquiring them

    • Devon Herrick says:

      There used to be a cooperative organ donation group, where individuals signing up as donors were given priority in the event they needed an organ. I don’t know what ever happened to the organization. It may still be in existence. There had to be some criteria about who was allowed to join so someone already needing an organ would not join to get priority.

  3. Jimbino says:

    A far better idea is to allow any person upon reaching 18 the right to sell his organs to be available upon his death. The proceeds could be used to buy a home, finance a new business or pay of college loans.

    The State has no right to them and anyone who gives away something of great value to himself and his family is a fool. Furthermore, waiting to cash out to cash in discriminates against the non-breeders who are already doing more than their part to save the planet.

    • Devon Herrick says:

      I agree with you but the present value to future organs would probably not be very large. I can imagine a movie crime drama where sinister investors buy up all the future contracts for the organ donors and begin to bump them off prematurely.

      • Z Woof says:

        Devon, that’s BS. You bean counters are always demonizing good ideas like Libertarian Jimbino’s. I think a Grandmother aught to be able to sell the future organs of her Grandchildren to help defray the cost of the HSA Life Insurance that she has purchased on them naming herself as beneficiary.

        Lucky in the pea-picking-past we didn’t have some PHD bean counter demonizing Life insurance so those with an insurable interest weren’t denied the ability to purchase life insurance on their children and Grandchildren and naming themselves as beneficiaries. I can just hear you saying, “OH sure, I agree, BUT, remember, Lizzie Borden took an axe, And gave her mother forty whacks, When she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one, BUT, what if it really was the Grandmother after the mountain-of-money (MOM) in her children’s life insurance?”

        I have more faith in Americans than you Devon.

  4. Z Woof says:

    Blue Cross of Georgia (Anthem again) raising rates at least 26% OUCH!!

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia is proposing to increase prices 26.2 percent, and possibly higher, depending on the plan. In 96 of Georgia’s 159 counties, Blue Cross, owned by Anthem, is the only remaining insurer on the exchange.

    In Cairo, GA a 30-year-old couple and 2 children can get the BCBS HMO with $6,550 deductible for $1,255 a month in 2017. If you go out of network you get NOTHING! If these premiums go up the minimum of 26.2% the 2018 premium will be $1,583 a month.

    In contrast: my STM PPO for the same family is $448 a month with a little $2,500 deductible then 100% coverage plus we have the Aetna Open Choice PPO with 850,000 medical providers coast to coast.

    PLUS, PLUS, if this family enrolls today the 6 months of premiums for the rest of the year would be $2,688. If this family deposits $6,750 in their tax free HSA they save $2025 in federal and state income taxes. After tax savings the net premium is only $663 or monthly ABOUT A HUNDRED DOLLARS.

    HSAs turn high premium and taxes into assets for employees.

    HSAs target prosperity to the poor.

    In other news billionaire John C. Malone buys Tampa HSN for $2.1 billion. As of 1 February 2011, he has surpassed Ted Turner as the largest individual private landowner in the US, owning 2,100,000 acres.

    NCPA QUESTION: Does anybody here think this billionaire is hiring beautiful young Florida women and SELLING them health insurance with non-licensed HR bozos without Full and Proper Disclosure? Does anybody here think these women will lose their health insurance if they get too sick to work with ovarian cancer?

    Finally, is this billionaire throwing his insurance liabilities onto the backs of the American taxpayer in a fashion reminiscent of [Jack the Ripper] just so he can purchase another acre or two?