NCPA Makes Physicians for a National Health Program “Enemies List”

The Right-Wing “Echo Chamber”: Although they masquerade as legitimate research institutions, most of these policy think tanks are little more than PR firms for those who want to obscure the facts about health care in America. Many …. provide “experts” with fancy titles to write editorials and appear on TV news programs to spread misinformation. Each of these institutions is funded by the same small group of ideological foundations, and it is extremely common for these “experts” to cite each other’s bogus research in their commentaries, giving the impression of wide scientific credibility for their views.

Full list is here, and includes AEI, Cato and Heritage. We would like to nominate my interview with Mike Huckabee last Saturday as the “most dangerous interview” of the month:

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  1. Vicki says:

    Great interview with Huckabee. I agree that it really is dangerous to people who believe in socialism.

  2. Tom H. says:

    Great interview. Congratulations on making the enemies list.

  3. Ken says:

    Maybe you can provoke PNHP into naming you enemy of the month. That should be good for fundraising.

  4. Brian Williams. says:

    Someday, people will learn that an “enemies list” only serves as a badge of honor for the people who appear on the list. What else are we to learn from the Nixon presidency?

    In the meantime, congratulations to NCPA.

  5. Devon Herrick says:

    I take personal offense to the fact that PNHP apparently does not consider my thoughts menacing enough to include me under “Look Out For” under the NCPA’s entry.

  6. Neil H. says:

    How do you get on the Enemies List? Is there an application form?

  7. Virginia says:

    Great clip!

    About making enemies: Life is too short to not make a few enemies. You just have to pick enemies such that you don’t shorten your life as a result of making those enemies.

  8. John Goodman says:

    Virginia, in this case we didn’t pick our enemies. They picked us.

  9. Dennis says:

    Great interview with MH! But also, great list of those making serious policy studies on health care. While I knew of most of these organizations, there are a few I didn’t. Now if you could only get PNHP to add links…

  10. Tom says:

    I took it as an insult that you only came in 13th, but then I realized it was in alphabetical order. Keep it up!