More on Investment Genes

We previously reported on evidence that your genes influence your investment choices. Here is more:

Five genes influence the brain circuits that generate decisions about risk and reward over time….. Consider the FAAH gene. Roughly 25% of people with European ancestry carry the 385A allele of this gene. That tends to damp their brains’ fear circuitry and to intensify their brains’ reaction to the prospect of making money….. Or take the DRD2 gene. Some 20% of Caucasians have an allele that can make them respond more intensely to gambles, even when no skill is involved.

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  1. Bruce says:

    How do I get my genes altered so I can make the right investment decisions and get rich?

  2. Tom H. says:

    Bruce, why don’t you hire someone with the right genes?

  3. Osman says:

    there may be human genes that are not expressed in our prtamie cousins, this does not mean that they are “exclusively human”. They may well be present in our more distant ancestorsThe authors addressed that by looking for mutations that appear exclusively in the human lineage. (Step #4 in the pipeline.)They may well be present in our more distant ancestors. There are certainly many genes that are defective or missing in humans and present in the other great apes and other mammals, including, for example, those that act in the synthesis of vitamin CThe ascorbate synthesis pathway is not present, as far as I know, in any of the great apes. It appears to have been lost multiple times in mammals, as bats and guinea-pigs also lack the pathway (but many other mammals do have it). In general, the brain and testes often show the most diverse patterns of gene expression. This is particularly evident from the analysis of gene expression available on Yes, but as MRR pointed out, we need quantitative tissue-specific transcription data from other prtamies, not just human. Hopefully we will have that soon