Massachusetts Election Backlash

Paul Krugman (New York Times): “Politics is supposed to be about achieving something more than your own re-election.”

Robert Laszewski (health industry consultant): “The well has been poisoned. The Republican base is not going to let any Republican senator take Democrats off the meat hook they are on now.”

Ron Nehring (California Republican Party chairman) on the single-payer proposal for the state: “California Democrats are either tone-deaf or delusional. They’re determined to double down on a $200 billion health care plan that voters don’t want and taxpayers can’t afford.”

Tom Bevan (Real Clear Politics blog) on Tuesday night coverage of the Massachusetts senatorial election on MSNBC: “Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, positively enraged that Massachusetts dared to elect a Republican, delivered two hours of nonstop bilious rage toward the state’s voters, calling them ‘irrational’ and ‘teabaggers,’ engaged in ‘a total divorce from reality,’ and hinting that they’re vicious racists to boot.”

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  1. Larry C. says:

    I wish they would follow Krugman’s advice. Vote for some crazy plan that gets them thrown out of office. There is nothing here that can’t be changed by a change of who gets elected to office.

  2. Bruce says:

    Olbermann is a complete fruitcake.

  3. Tom H. says:

    Laszewski observation is probably right on.

  4. Bart says:


    “The fact is that the Senate bill is a centrist document, which moderate Republicans should find entirely acceptable.”

    Interesting that someone who despises centrists would advocate a bill that he now claims is centrist.