Just How Well Do EMRs Work?

To visit the Marshfield Clinic, a longtime innovator in health information technology, is to glimpse medicine's digital future.

A computerized patient record is a continuously updated document that includes the patient's health history, medications, lab tests, treatment guidelines and doctors' and nurses' notes.  However, there is no crisp, conclusive cost-benefit arithmetic. Marshfield can point to various measurable savings, but has scant proof they outweigh the millions spent in the past and the $50 million-a-year technology budget. [link]

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  1. Catherine Daniell says:

    Also see the post made just a few days ago on NYC's experimental program with EMRs.

  2. Bret says:

    Doesn’t save any money????? Don’t you realize this is how the Obama team expects to pay for health reform.

  3. Ken says:

    Bret, there is going to be a painful transition from rhetoric to reality in the Obama adminisrtation.

  4. Larry C says:

    Hey, it’s not just Obama. Throw in Newt Gingrich, John McCain and a whole slew of similarly confused people on the right.

  5. Stephen M. says:

    There is a reason for all this dewy-eyed enamor of EMRs. It sounds like you can cut health care costs without anyone giving anything up.

    All gain. No pain.

  6. […] as pointed out here, the real question is whether the investment in health IT is cost effective. As previously reported […]