It’s 71%, Not 47%

Forget the 47%. A new study finds that 71% of Americans live in a household in which at least one member has benefited from one of the federal government’s major entitlement programs. The new data, based on a survey by the Pew Research center, underscore the wide reach of the spending programs that make up the lion’s share of the federal budget. More than half of Americans (55%) have personally benefited from one of the government’s six best-known entitlement programs, including 53% of people who voted for Mitt Romney in November’s election and 59% of those who voted for President Obama.

David Lauter from the LA Times.

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  1. Vicki says:


  2. August says:

    “Unemployment benefits, food stamps, welfare and Medicaid target lower-income Americans or those facing a short-term economic hardship such as the loss of a job. In contrast, Social Security and Medicare primarily—though not exclusively—serve older adults of all income levels.”

    I would slowly remove the entitlements to older adults, and reform the programs targeting lower-income Americans.