Huffington Post Finds Nine Faults with ObamaCare

Including this:

In order to control premium costs, insurers in the ObamaCare exchanges contracted with fewer medical providers than one might typically find in a solid job-based health plan. While access to these doctors is a big step up for the uninsured or those coming from bad insurance, some people may expect they can get coverage wherever they want, when in fact the big hospital down the street isn’t in their network. Considering most lower-tier plans under ObamaCare don’t offer any out-of-network coverage, it’s possible that some consumers will go to a doctor who’s not on their list, and end up being on the hook for the full cost of the visit. (More)

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  1. College Student says:

    Is opting out of Obamacare worth the risk?

    Honestly, I don’t think that I need the insurance- I could actually buy it through my university.

    • Crawford says:

      There is no need to be “paying [for] something to get nothing.”

      • Stewart T. says:

        Someone gets something, it just may not be you, which I know probably clashes with your Republican sensibilities.

    • Jill says:

      Gather your friends and start spreading the word about opting out!

      • Stewart T. says:

        This is why opting out should carry a real penalty. If we don’t take part then we are denying healthcare to the elderly and sick, which makes us complicit in their deaths.

      • Erik says:

        Jill, I bet you have insurance. Why would you recommend others not to have insurance? That is the most selfish thing you can say. I bet your parents are proud…

  2. Wayne says:

    “Employer health insurance tends to be good and relatively cheap for workers…”

    A great incentive for people to get a solid job.

  3. Paige says:

    This is reassuring.

    “As CBS News reported this month, personal information for many new customers will be routed from a federal datahub to the state-based exchanges, opening up the possibility of security breaches.”

  4. Perry says:

    Only 9 faults????